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This page want to help visitors and give a panoramic view on the world of media and education networks of Language Laboratories.
We know that many teachers are not "experts" of informatics, often have no experience with the PC.
That is why we choose the name Easy School Net because it is really easy to use, does not need any special knowledge of Informatics.


  • Informatics classrooms of each grade and level

  • Professional Language Laboratories

  • Training Center

     EasySchool Net

The advantages are many:

  • Ease Of Use

  • Quality Audio and Video  of Video in Real Time

  • Transmission up to 12 different groups of contemporaries and Simultaneous Digital AudioVideo

  • Transmission up to 4 different groups of contemporaries and Simultaneous ANALOG AudioVideo

  • No limit on the number of students (about 200 per class)

  • No limit on working groups and discussion group

  • Active Comparative Language Lab with three channels

any equipment so no hardware failures in the future of electronics  special cabling. are always available.

For more information please contact our free customer service

EasySchool Net i make the lesson interactive optimizes the time, facilitates the learning materials, draws the attention of the participants, but it is especially easy to use.Just being able to move the mouse.

The graphical interface makes it easy to use because every button has exactly the same function written (in Italian). Basically after a couple of hours it was already able to carry out the lesson and create interactive multimedia lessons. 
EasySchool Net  ,  today represents the ideal product for those who want to create a Professional Language Laboratory is able to send 4 send different signals to different groups contemporaries Analog Video and Audio is sending clear, real-time and mayst proclaim stereo HI-FI, replacing widely costly hardware type networks with a very low absorption on the LAN. In addition, the GUI is easy to use even for non-teaching staff that is expert in computer science, in fact in school Easy to simplify its use, was divided between the menu commands in the macro-areas to adapt depending on the use of diversity of subject matter or method of teaching.Moreover, in each button is described which performs the function making it extremely easy to use. (After a few hours it was able to make the lesson).

Simply install on normalissimi PC (also linked to low performance standard LAN network, without any cost to the plant or additional hardware, to create a Professional Language Lab, Multimedia and Multidisciplinary able to meet every need in terms of quality and speed.

Educational multimedia software EasySchool is the real evolution of the old Hardware education networks, since it is fully capable of delivering real-time Audio / Video signals also come from external sources like VCRs, DVD, TV, etc.., Regardless of the number of PCs in 'classroom.

High-quality stereo digital audio transmission enables the transmission of audio signals, the simultaneous listening and speaking with individuals, groups or whole class. The ability to integrate the system to the Language Laboratory DVR (with audio active comparative Digital + Video) makes the network EasySchool educational tool unique. It effectively replaces the dilapidated traditional networks Hardware ..
Audio and Video quality excellent!
You'll be amazed the quality of Audio and Video broadcast and the fluidity of all the innovative features included in the software.
EasySchool Net Evolution is currently the most technologically advanced product on the market of educational networks and laboratories Linguitici Professional, due to its compression algorithm patented Audio-Video offers the ultimate in quality and performance.
Easy School Net boasts 5,400 installations in Italy well in schools and universities and about 18,000 in 24 other countries around the world.To date represents the network's best-selling Italy having a sales trend of about 500 labs annually Linguistic maintained over the past four years. All this thanks to the many teachers who bring their testimony to the quality of our product. Easy School Net, keeps everything you promised unlike so many other products that try to imitate (BUT ONLY A WORD!).

The software Easy School Net, is now a product ITALIAN ahead of the competition, because it uses a proprietary algorithm for compressing video and audio that allows the sending of the same in real time and without delay with quality superior to type networks in hardware when noise-free video and reflections, caused by the cables that use hardware controllers.


Not Invasive: Easy School Net, does not require any additional external hardware device and uses the normal network LAN, avoiding any extra costs, ensuring optimal results in terms of  Video and Audio quality.
strength of Easy School are: Professionalism, Easy to Use and Flexibility. These qualities make it suitable for all teaching methodologies, monitoring and assisting students, as they provide compared to traditional multimedia systems. Easy School is a modular system that can adapt to new and different activities of teaching, from elementary to university.

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