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Interactive Multimedia Educational Network "Easy-School", revolutionizing the traditional way of teaching via PC. This system allows total control of the classroom, making the PCs a powerful education tool that facilitates and enhances the teaching.

Easy-School Professional is an educational network, which assures great flexibility in teaching, monitoring and assisting students, above all elementary and high schools and in any case where it is not required for high performance audio-video which suggest the Evolution Version.
Easier because:

  • its operation is based on a revolutionary new software that requires no additional hardware

  • makes use of pr-existing data network · installs in a jiffy without the intervention of specialists

  • is user friendly and pleasant, with a very short learning time

More complete because:

  • allows all possible features of exchange audio / video between teacher and students

  • allows to connect and share any pictures or sound source

  • allows any possible subdivision of the class into groups

  • has built an electronic pen that performs the functions of a naturally chalk on blackboard

  • allows the preparation and administration of test verification, customizable by the teacher, as well as the subsequent processing of the results using a simple built-in software in Easy School Net

More efficient because:

  • Based on a patented software technology that provides real-time transmission of images and sounds

  • is not interfere in any way affects the speed of the existing data network

  • It contains no hardware devices liable to failure

Cheaper because:

  • It costs much less than half of traditional education networks audio / video devices based on hardware

  • Does not require the passage of new cables

  • Eliminates up to 80% the cost of installation, support and future upgrades

  • Replaces expensive devices use multimedia (projectors, electronic whiteboards, etc..)

Easy-School Professional revolutionizes the way to teach and reinforce making it more comprehensive and flexible for teachers, more enjoyable and productive for the learner

Key Features
Video features:
Screening teacher: real-time transmission of screen, voice and other multimedia from your PC with single teacher, to a group or all PC students.
Easy-integrated electronic pen, for illustrations and explanations.
Lock / Unlock: allows you to lock or unlock the keyboard and mouse for the students.
Dark screen: the teacher can dim the screen and disable the keyboard and mouse of an individual, group or all students, to attract their attention.
Display screen student teacher: you can show the screen in part of the teacher of the student, allowing students to learn and try it yourself simultaneously. For example, during a lesson in Word, the screen can show a student's screen in the upper half of the teacher, and in the lower half of your application in Word, so the student can follow the instructions of the teacher while exerts on its application.
Monitoring students can monitor an individual, group or all student screens (screen simultaneous display of 8) to control their activities. The teacher can listen to the voice of the students through the microphones and the DVR.
Remote support: The teacher can use your keyboard and your mouse to remotely control any PC students to assist them.
Exchange PC from teacher to student: The teacher may decide to involve other students or less to the explanation. The teacher can select a student to make a presentation to other students and transmit the screen and the voice of the student selected. The teacher may allow to use your PC to any student.
Net-Video Outputs Video Multimedia students selected in part or in full screen mode.
Monitor Single / Double: ability to display the control panel of single or dual monitors. (With the help of a Dual Head Video Card)
Audio Features
Voice and audio teaching: the teacher can transmit real-time your voice or any audio source to an individual, group, or all students
Voice and audio student: the teacher can enable any student to transmit real-time your voice or any audio source to an individual, group, or all students. The teacher can listen to the conversation in a transparent manner for students.

Management Applications
File transfer lets you send and open simultaneously, software applications, text files, image files, etc.. to an individual, group, or all students. A dialog screen will show the students where you saved the file. The teacher can retrieve from student PCs, files previously sent.
Monitoring programs: the teacher can monitor the execution of application programs of a single, group or all student PCs and can close those applications instantly when considered appropriate.
Blocking of application: the teacher can allow or restrict the use of application programs, selecting a few students or all students, reducing the chance of distraction during a lesson
Internet blocking: the teacher can enable or disable access to the Internet, selecting some or all students so that they can concentrate on the lesson.

Transmission of the Web link: The teacher can open a specific URL and send it, running it to selected students, assisting them in navigating the specific web site, easily and quickly. This avoids the opening of unwanted sites by students during the opening phase of the browse.

Other Functions

  • Testing: Test PREPARATION allows customized by the teacher to be sent later to the students selected, who can answer by clicking your mouse.A summary of results and the scores of students for both single question for the entire test will automatically appear on the screen of the teacher to the end of the allotted time.

  • Form E-Vicon: Easy Video Conference Module for Distance Education and Video conference through internet.

  • Wake-On-LAN: the teacher can start, stop, quit, exit or reboot the remote PC for students in a single (very useful at the beginning and end of lesson).

  • Students Registration: the teacher can send messages to students and ask them to enter their name when necessary. The system automatically updates the map of the class, with the actual position of the students in the class.

  • Map class: you can save an unlimited number of class maps, an unlimited number of teachers with their own classes with students in their actual positions in the class, facilitating the identification of students.

  • Training Groups: allows you to divide the students into several groups, one group (represented by different colors) to facilitate group teaching. Teachers can save the map layout of each group for future use.

  • Automatic Recovery: during various lessons, teachers may have changed the audio adjustments (eg, volume) of the system. This feature allows the system to automatically restore the setting pre-configured, if other teachers have changed the setting from your previous lessons.

Models and specifications are subject to change without notice. The designs may look different from those shown.

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