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Digital_Video_Recorder DVR EVO

turns ordinary PC into a Language Lab professional suitable for the study of languages in the universities 

that require maximum performance in terms of audio and video.

Download the manual for more information

Teacher can send multimedia Audio-Video sources, with no problem thanks to the easy to use of Digital Language Laboratory DVR EVO and it doesn't need to "digitize" the content.
Easy Language School form has an advanced communications groups and subgroups easily personalized by the teacher. All functions of the language module have great sound quality and stereo, without the delays and / or background noise sounds that normally have other competing products. The DVR has the Auto-Collect - to gather recordings of tracks for students to examine further the pronunciations.

The new Graphic Interface help the teacher to use the Language Module easily.

Particular attention in the new Evolution version 15 has been paid to the Unit Professional Language Digital Video Recorder now in its thirteenth edition offering the best of educational technology applied to the study of languages.
You will be surprised by the fluidity of the video (even if acquired from external sources such as DVD's or VHS or TV) and stereo audio perfection.

Digital Language Laboratory DVR EVO is a Multimedia and Professional Language Lab designed to replace traditional tape recording system in the language lab now considered outdated. The DVR has replaced the traditional cassette recorder or recorders of the most modern digital hardware, offering additional functions compared to the traditional language laboratory type hardware for educational and language learning in an autonomous way, as a combination of pronunciation practice, video presentation, discussion and audio tutorials.

The DVR creates an environment of education and teaching simple and above all interactive. The Language Module DVR provides all the normal functions of the current hardware, plus a unique set of advanced features such as simultaneous recording Audio and Video Input type of DVD, VHS, TV or Video Camera or the insertion of the module Former Test @ m given simultaneously sending the source audio or audio + video or interactive chat.

Digital Language Laboratory DVR EVO has two channel or audio tracks both as distinct and separate as registration as a playback volume independent owners with the possibility of mixing the two tracks to listen. They are also present in both traces of graphs illustrating histograms of detail with the audio tracks to facilitate language learning. The two independent audio tracks can also be broken or divided into paragraphs as desired by the teacher or student, if teacher want, using the bookmark.

Digital Language Laboratory DVR EVOprovides the transmission over the LAN without additional hardware, audio and video in high quality digital stereo, without delay and with an absorption maximum of 2% on the network even transmitting video and audio sources like DVD, VHS, TV or other external devices to full screen up to 120 PCs simultaneously. It will be possible thanks to the optional multimedia module sending a 4 Channel Audio Video from different external sources simultaneously and Form 12-Video Digital Audio for sending DVDs, CDs and movies multimedia contemporaries.

Teachers over the years have been able to indicate the production characteristics and specifications for a product that is really useful and helpful for teaching languages. Thanks to the suggestions of experienced personnel in language teaching. We thank all the teachers and all those who cooperated with us that has allowed the DVR language module 14 to be a product that is among the best in the world.

The excellent quality of the Audio-Video signals, combined with many innovative features of the DVR, for example, simultaneous recording of video to the audio track to run double in eight different ways at will of the teacher, together with the distribution of test related to language lessons did the language module DVR Digital Language Laboratory which was awarded the International Hardware Fair held in London that the educational BETT noted the excellent quality of both the educational system is of excellent quality Audio .

Digital Language Laboratory DVR EVO performs its functions in two different ways:



Language features:
· Create Audio + Video project file containing the information recorded simultaneously.
. Possibility of sending 4 sources with Simultaneous Video + Audio Module 4AV
· Simultaneous Recording Audio and Video Input type of DVD, VHS, TV or Video Camera
.Active commands on the workstation to the station Teacher Student
· Step Teaching Method
· Track Master Volume Control
· Volume Control Track Master Student by location
· Sensor that detects the onset of delivery and consequently start recording in digital quality Stereo.
· Editor Bookmarks
· Add a Bookmark
· Deleting a Bookmark
· Editing a Bookmark
· Zoom + / ​​- Graphics Performance Audio
· Speed ​​Control Audio and Video
· Function Recap
· Loop Function
· Auto-Next
· Auto-Collect recording tracks students
· Quiz
· Additional Captions when viewing videos or transmission of
· Chat linked to the audio track or independent.
The language module interacts with the CHAT while listening to the audio track with the ability to embed captions in addition during the execution of the Audio track. (Eg ability to add a translation or an application).

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